Ps3 4.46 Downgrade to 3.55 (Release)


For this downgrade you will have to disconnect from internet!
Once again you DO NOT need E3Flasher for this release!

How to do:

Mediafire Link:


  • Stick Your USB with the Laptop or Computer.
  • Create a directory inside USB and name it as PS3.
  • Create new folder insde PS3 Directory name as Update.
  • Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP file that you will get from the above jailbreak tool and Paste it into the Update folder/
  • Now Connect Your USB to PS3.
  • Go to the Settings and select System Update.
  • Select Update Via storage media.
  • It will say it version 4.46-dg ¬†found.
  • Press X.
  • Wait for the sometime, your PS3 will update, it will beep three-four times then shut down.
  • Now Restart your PlayStation 3. You will have the Jailbroken Device after that.

What is the point of the downgrade?
The point of the downgrade is to lower Your firware down so you can install
custom firmware.With custom firmware You are free to use your console to its maximum potential!

Compatibility test



PS3 4.41 Downgrade to 3.55
PS3 4.31 Downgrade to 3.55
PS3 4.30 Downgrade to 3.55
PS3 4.25 Downgrade to 3.55

PS3 4.46 CFW Jailbreak
PS3 4.41 CFW Jailbreak
PS3 4.40 CFW Jailbreak
PS3 4.31 CFW Jailbreak
PS3 4.30 CFW Jailbreak
PS3 4.25 CFW Jailbreak

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